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Equally effective for people of different height

Collection Periscope is based in the adjustable ergonomics
table system. Work surfaces are height-adjustable depending
on the worker's height. The collection is also characterized by
the mobility of the tables and other attachments and
compatibility with other collections products.

Do You know:
that one can save money and enlarge the office
05.10.2015 Orgspace for CBRE. The new office is the market leader for commercial real estate in Moscow City.
02.07.2015 Moscow-City. Normetimpeks. Orgspace.
29.01.2015 The special series of dispatching furniture created especially for RDU SO UPS
10.11.2014 Only ecological Laminated Chipboard Lamarty E 0.5
29.09.2014 New system of folding mobile tables INMOTU from Orgspace
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