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Bench or not Bench

Interplay is the surprising system of office tables. Today you buy the bench,
and tomorrow you transfere it in separate tables. Today they have square support,
and tomorrow you change it to round one from the polished aluminum e.t.c.
Today people of average height work, and tomorrow athletes
will come Ц simply add adjustment for growth.
The cost of changes is minimum!

Do You know:
that can increase profits reshuffling of furniture!
05.10.2015 Orgspace for CBRE. The new office is the market leader for commercial real estate in Moscow City.
02.07.2015 Moscow-City. Normetimpeks. Orgspace.
29.01.2015 The special series of dispatching furniture created especially for RDU SO UPS
10.11.2014 Only ecological Laminated Chipboard Lamarty E 0.5
29.09.2014 New system of folding mobile tables INMOTU from Orgspace
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