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Equally effective for people of different height

Men and women. High and medium. We are all different. That is why everyone should have his own workplace tuned to his individual parameters. Only then each of us will be able to work at our full potential.

The Periscope collection is based on a system of adjustable ergonomic tables and attachments. Special telescopic table supports allow to adjust the height of working surfaces to the height of each worker. The height adjustment range is 68 to 78 cm. The ergonomic seating of an employee during long work keeps up his working capacity, protecting him from premature fatigue, and thus increasing his productivity.


This series include:

  • working tables
  • tables for negotiations
  • mobile mini-tables with brakes
  • attached elements detachable tables
  • briefing attachments
  • screen systems

Tables and a number of attachments are produced in two variants: stationary and mobile. The wheels are equipped with brakes for fixing the articles.

PERISCOPE tables and attachments, due to wide adjustment range of their height, have some restrictions for their compatibility with articles of other series placed within the same workplace. 

Design peculiarities of this series:

  • telescopic table supports made of metal (chrome plated);
  • table covers made of 26mm laminated wood chipboard, ergonomic and traditional;
  • attachments joined to the tables with split connectors metal to metal;
  • number and broken keys for locks;
  • front parts made of roll leaves;
  • mobile solutions;
  • articles equipped with wheel supports with brakes;
  • hinged accessories can be moved, detached and mounted easily;

The main materials and components used for PERISCOPE office furniture:

  • 26mm and 16mm laminated wood chipboard;
  • 2mm and 0.4mm ABS edgbanding;
  • accessories produced by leading European manufacturers.

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