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INMOTU series

System of folding tables

Often changing of working processes are the frequent phenomenon in modern offices. Today it is necessary to hold negotiations with partners, tomorrow Ц training of employees, after which at once rewarding of the best of them. How to make so that different business processes could be carried out in one room? That each of them was organized most effectively?

One of the most convenient decisions Ц folding mobile tables from which it is possible to create any configurations in strict accordance with requirements of the current working processes. And at the end to put them for compact storage.


Multipurpose tables INMOTU are mobile, thanks to what, to change furniture decisions in a conference room, negotiation or training center easily and simply. Wheels are equipped with stoppers which fix tables in the right place.

For compact storage is provided the mechanism allowing to turn a table-top in vertical position and to join tables with each other.

The INMOTU series includes fixture for connection of tables among themselves. Modesty-panels which are also conveniently developing on a storage time are optionally available.

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