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 examples of implemented projects



Meeting the tough standards for quality and ergonomics

Already in the process of construction of it’s new «Toyota Center Kolomenskoe» the company started looking for the supplier of furniture for back-office.  Tough Toyota standards dictated the creation of thought-out and ergonomic work space for employees. Besides, the furniture had to be modern-looking and be in line with the front-office equipped by «Steelcase» company. 

First the interviewing of department managers was carried out, the architecture of premises was analyzed, and then the process-based office model was developed.  Based on collected data, the design concepts were developed for all office zones.

Since the cooperation started already in the phase of construction, the final planning of premises was performed with account of layout concepts and recommendations developed by Orgspace. At the end, due to design concepts and properties of Orgspace furniture, the unusual architecture of four-storeyed building rich of windows and glass partitions was used with good effect and advantage.

Final projects

1-st floor:
2-d floor:
3-d floor:
4-th floor:


Toyota company is famous not only for it’s cars but also for it’s business philosophy “kaizen” aimed at continuous quality improvement. Being the authorized dealers of Toyota company we are striving for  compliance with it’s ideology. Therefore the front office of  “Toyota Center Kolomenskoe” was equipped in conformity with «Toyota Dealership Center Standards” by Steelcase company, the world leader in the market of office furniture. To equip the back office we needed the high quality product meeting the philosophy of our company effectiveness and world quality standards. After the detailed investigation of office furniture market we set our choice on Orgspace products. The key idea of this brand is the effectiveness of the whole office and of each work place. In the process of our joint work we received evidence that in addition to a good product the design techniques were of critical importance. Orgspace company conducted the detailed analysis of how the activities of our office and certain employees should run, and offered the design concepts that took into account all nuances of office activities in whole and of each employee in particular. We would like to express a special gratitude to Alexander Gusev and Elena Mkrtychants for their professionalism and efforts that helped to make our office convenient and comfortable. We are pleased to recommend Orgspace company as a qualified and reliable partner capable of creating really effective offices meeting the highest requirements.

Mikhail Morozov
Director, Toyota Center Kolomenskoe

examples of implemented projects

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