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 examples of implemented projects



Bank “Tinkoff. Credit Systems"
Call-center’s efficiency is the efficiency of the business as a whole

The call-center of the bank “Tinkoff Credit Systems” is the main sales instrument, that is why when moving to a new office the maximum possible attention was focused the call-center equipment. The new workspace must ensure the maximum efficiency of the operators’ work. Even with an insufficient office space.

Orgspace has offered to organize the call-center’s work using the hot-desks system, when operators divided into several shifts work at any vacant place. Moreover, workstations should be most comfortable and meet fully the specific requirements of an operator’s work.

A high cost of an operator’s mistake when every minute and second count – all these factors should have been taken into account when designing workstations. To boost the operators’ efficiency there was required an enhanced protection from visible and above all acoustic noises.  The task was completely solved by a specific arrangement of workplaces, the use of partitions and special hinged cushions, which is proved by the results of final measurement of the office noise level.

There have been designed and equipped other zones of the new office, as well: workstations, the training zone, private offices and archive areas. As in the case with the call-center, there have been thoroughly studied the operating processes of the company as a whole, and each employee in particular. According to the results of drawing up the office process model there have been suggested planning solutions, which take into account the employees’ cooperation, a communication possibility, privacy, storage of documents and small items used in work, etc.  

Final project


I would like to express our gratitude to Orgspace and to manager Oleg Sokolov in particular for his creative approach and special attention to a customer’s needs. It was a great pleasure for us to work with people, who want truly to make our office better and do their best to achieve it! Now we can say with certainty that they’ve made it, our new office is a very proof of it. We’d be happy to make use of their services in future and will recommend highly this company to our friends!

G.N. Palochkina
Chairman of the Board

Why did we choose Orgspace?

We have turned to the Orgspace Company with a request to equip our call-center. It was necessary to allocate a large number of operators in a limited space and create optimum conditions for their work. Orgspace’s specialists proposed us an unusual solution – to create a call-center using the hot-desks system, when one and the same workplace can be used by several employees. Thanks to this solution we managed to save some space and to organize the call-center’s work in three shifts. The operators’ workstations are very comfortable; and special archive cabinets were arranged in aisles to store their paraphernalia. But for all that Orgspace’s specialists have become more than mere furniture suppliers, they developed a concept of effective operators’ workstations, including the telecommunication equipment. They became as well our consultants for the issues of how to lay our service communication lines to ensure most efficient office organization. Having approved the call-center project we decided to entrust the Orgspace Company with organization of our office. Here it was also required to solve a number of specific tasks: to correctly organize the employees’ communications, to protect them from noise and to save space. As a result within the shortest possible time the Orgspace specialists designed and arranged an office meeting our all requirements.

examples of implemented projects

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