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 examples of implemented projects

Tele 2

Tele 2

Tele 2
Lots of offices a common style

For TELE2, one of the European leading telecommunication companies, an approach oriented on the employees work efficiency was a crucial factor when selecting an office equipment supplier. In the years of Orgspaces  operation in Russia the company has designed and equipped several offices in Moscow and other cities according to a common principle and in a common style.

Workstations zone
It was required to provide each of the employees in their workplaces with a possibility of communications varied in character and form.  Moreover, each employee had to store a large bulk of documents. In order to solve these tasks all workstations were equipped with Tower* personal cabinets, that allow both to store t hand a great deal of working documents, and to communicate with colleagues.

Zone of temporary workstations
Often employees from the Companys representative offices from other cities come to the Moscow office. Especially for them the office was rigged out with a zone of temporary workstations equipped with a phone and a power supply socket to plug in a laptop. The office planning concept envisages that the temporary workstations zone is absolutely private, which ensures a comfortable and attentive work of the incoming employees and the Moscow offices permanent employees, as well.

Private offices
According to uniform design standards of Tele2 managers private offices must be maximum open, in respect of design comply absolutely with the general corporate style. In each private office there are arranged mobile briefing tables for the intercourse with visitors. For private talks in the office there are envisaged negotiation rooms.

Negotiation rooms and briefing zones
Negotiation rooms in the companys offices are in absolute agreement with the processes carried out there. Effica series tables are equipped with a cable management system, allowing to quickly and conveniently connect the presentation equipment. The open briefing zone supplied with mobile Pixel are designated for holding training classes and teamwork, and short standing meetings may be held in the small briefing zone.

Two employees work in the reception zone, and it is very important for them to stay energetic, attentive and in good spirits during the day. That is why behind the Karstula console there are installed comfortable workplaces with an optimum voluminous storage and a large working surface.


Archive zones
To optimize the space usage and facilitate and ease the work with documents the archive zone is divided in three parts. The companys main archive located in the front part of the office fulfills the function of zoning, separating workstations and private offices. The second part of the archive supervised by office managers is located in the reception area. To ensure a comfortable work and save some space there were used archive cabinets with sliding doors. The employees archive storage is near their work places. So the noise of the office equipment located in the archive zone does not hamper the employees work.

Final project



On behalf of the telecommunication holding Tele2 Russia Id like to extend our appreciation to Orgspace Consulting and to personally thank its director, Mr. Boris Schacht for their efficient assistance in reequipment of our office. Thanks to the comfortable Orgspace furniture the Tele2 office has utterly changed. The employees feel quite at ease in their new working places. We are pleased to note that the undertime for the project implementation has not affected the result. The manufacture furniture was of top quality with regard to out wishes and within the agreed time. It will be a pleasure for our company to recommend Orgspace Consulting as a competent and efficient partner, highly responsive to a clients wishes, and the Orgspace furniture as a reliable and effective solution for modern offices.

E.P. Kurilov
Vice President of Tele2 Russia

Why did we choose Orgspace?

src="res/climage_752_1.jpg"We got to know the Orgspace Consulting Company when we were working on a project to reequip the Tele2 Moscow office.
From a great variety of offers presented for us to consider our attention and interest were captured by the two of them: one with furniture from a foreign manufacturer, and other with Orgspace produced in Moscow.
If we had any doubts about the furniture to choose they were absolutely dispelled after visiting the Orgspace Consulting Company, the management of which showed us a gripping and conceptually consistent presentation of the comfortable, ergonomic and relatively inexpensive Orgspace furniture. Having seen with our own eyes the competently equipped workplaces we wished at once to have the same in our office.
Right after the Moscow office we equipped one of the Tele2 divisions in Rostov-on-Don, having commited the project entirely to the Orgspace Consulting pros, starting with the design and up to the immediate office arrangement. As a result all the employees in Moscow and in Rostov as well are delighted to settle in their new workplaces, and apparently this is the reason why they stay long at work.

V. Karabelnikova
Office manager of Tele2 Russia

* This product is patented that forbids to make, use or sell the industrial samples which similar to this product or are close reminding it. Protection of exclusive rights of the patent holder is carried out according to articles 1252, 1253, 1346, 1353, 1358, 1406, 1407 of part IV of the Civil Law of the Russian Federation.

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examples of implemented projects
Tele 2

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