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Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Roslesinforg"
Big conference room in small space

The Moscow office of Federal State Unitary Enterprise Roslesinforg needed to organize expeditious and effective interaction with branches by means of a video conferencing. At the time of Orgspace connection to the project the company already approved the solution of the IT integrator on all systems of a video conferencing and the conference equipment. However, the final decision on furniture systems wasn't accepted, partly because of difficult architecture of the room, its small area and that number of people who needed to provide workplaces at a conference table. Any standard furniture product didn't suit - it was necessary the new decision which is optimum "cut out" to individual "measures" of the Customer.


The main difficulty of the project is a room: narrow, without natural lighting and the smallest for the number of participants declared by the Customer. Projecting conference room ergonomics, experts of Orgspace counted each millimetre: minimum admissible width of passes, minimum admissible distance between the people working at a table, height, depth and a configuration of a table-top, exact quantity and an arrangement of support, the provision of a conference table concerning video cameras, points of an arrangement of hatches in a floor for assignment of wires, etc. The decision, optimum for this space which allowed to place all participants of conferences and all working processes on the minimum square with the maximum comfort was created as a result.

Design and materials

The conference table-top, frontal and side panels are manufactured from MDF and are trimmed by the veneer from wood of the American pear. The same decision is used for a tribune. The warm shade and quiet drawing of an interline interval do conference room space light and harmonious. Legs of a table and cable channels are metal.

Access to connections

Each place of the delegate is equipped with the built-in interface with the leaning-back cover for connection of mobile equipment. Also opposite to each conferee is placed the microphone on "a goose neck". The electrical wiring is invisible: all cables pass under a table-top in metal cable channels. For assignment of wires to hatches in a floor are used opening cable channels, built in metal support. In a tribune the set of the technological decisions ensuring trouble-free operation of microphones and convenient management of the image on screens is also used. Working behind a tribune the acting can connect any mobile equipment. Besides, special illumination, which allows the speaker to use paper documents during videoconferences when the ceiling light is muffled is provided in a tribune.

examples of implemented projects

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