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 examples of implemented projects



When corporate identity is the main thing

When designing the front office including office rooms, waiting zones, and meeting rooms, the managing company of Rigla pharmaceutical network was striving for the maximum implementation of the corporate identity in the interior. The task was not only limited to furniture concept.

Together with the design company AchtungDesign the ideas for brand zones were developed and the navigation across office analyzed. White color with pearl threads was chosen for the furniture covering, and the armchairs’ upholstery was of bright, saturated colors being the part of  the company corporate style. Accessories that were specifically designed and produced using the company logo style were implemented in the interior and decorated the tables, walls and ceilings in the meeting rooms and office rooms.

Office rooms and meeting rooms
Like in the most of Orgspace projects, the new office ergonomics was studied to the smallest details. The office rooms and meeting rooms are equipped with modern items of cable management including visitor’s and personal interfaces for convenient connection of equipment. The comfort of visitors and managers is ensured by armchairs and sofas from the Swiss company Giroflex.

Final project:

examples of implemented projects

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