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 examples of implemented projects




"NVision Group" the largest developer and the supplier of information and communication solutions and services. By 2010th year the staff of the company was increased to 1500 people and in this connection the management made the decision to move to the new business centre. Ergonomic design of Orgspace allowed to find for extremely short time to find the optimum solutions for equipment of employees workplaces taking into account specifics of their work, numerous negotiation zones, to define ergonomics of offices heads, and also to develop a number of non-standard furniture designs.


The majority of departments of "NVision Group" are placed in big open spaces, but on each workplace is provided the necessary comfort and privacy for effective work. Each workplace is equipped with high partitions Aura (133 cm from floor level), which protect employees from visual hindrances and allows to concentrate on individual work. Hinged fabric pillows improve acoustics in a working zone, and also allow employees to use space over a table for storage of operational information. Also on Aura screens are located shelves for folders, hinged glasses for handles and other hinged accessories.

Desktops of the Periscope series have adjustment on height in the range of 68-78 cm that allows to adjust optimum height of a working surface under growth and build of each employee. Under table-tops are located a cable channels for storage of wires. Communication with colleagues is organized by means of a Lollipop mobile pedestal, which is stored under a table, without taking places in passes.

Office chairs of Befine upholstered with orange fabric of corporate orange colour with water - and a dirt-resistant covering finish ergonomics of workplaces.

Negotiation and briefing zone

Meeting rooms are equipped with tables of IQ system with the frame basis, table-tops with the rounded-off corners from LCB 38 mm of "Wenge" decor. All tables are equipped with interfaces for connection of mobile devices: phones, tablets, laptops and so forth.

For negotiation zones are chosen visitors' chairs of the "Choose" series with a mesh back, and also visitors' chairs "Headway", all in corporate orange NVisionGroup colour.

Executive Offices

Tables of the IQ series with the frame basis, tables of the Periscope series with the built-in briefings, and also non-standard decisions a slabby table firm connection of details under 45 degrees were applied for equipment of offices. Each office is equipped in strict accordance with working processes of heads and their preferences.

Conference room

The conference room of "NVisionGroup" calculated on 70 persons is used for the most various working processes: videoconferences, meetings, training etc. Ease of changes and corporate stylistics in this zone are equally important. For a conference room are chosen easy chairs Headway with an upholstery from the orange fabric corresponding to a corporate style of the company. Fabric has water - and a dirt-resistant covering. It is easy to move chairs, adjusting space under actual working process.

Resumes from the final project

Feed back

With great pleasure from all staff of the ENvision Group company we thank you and your company for our new office. Before moving to the new room we attentively studied the market of office furniture, long looked for the reliable and responsible contractor. We are glad that our choice was correct. We received the convenient, beautiful and thought-over furniture from the point of view of employees comfort and features of their work. There is a wish to note quality of furniture especially: at this office we work the third year, and the furniture looks so as if it was assembled only yesterday.

Special compliments are deserved the Orgspace chairs. Earlier we extremely were skeptical about long guarantees on chairs, because we know well, how do people sit on them. But Befine chairs completely correspond to all declared characteristics, there is no hint even on any breakages, all as new. It is sure that five years of active work not a limit for such qualitative chairs. The staff of the company is very happy with chairs. Employees say that it became much easier to work, they are tired less. Some employees are interested in opportunity to buy a chair to home.

We very much appreciate high professionalism of the Orgspace Consulting team regarding design preparation, assembly and an aftersales service of furniture. The staff of your company showed the highest professionalism and the maximum focus on our requirements and specifics of processes of the company. In the future we will be glad to further cooperation with Orgspace Consulting on arrangement of office.

Director of the department of Administration "ENvision Group"
N.Y. Griminchuk

examples of implemented projects

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