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The NORMETIMPEKS metallurgical company subsidiary of the Group NORILSKIJ NICKEL, the world's largest producer of non-ferrous and precious metals. In 2014 the management of NORMETIMPEKS made the decision to move to the new office located in Business Centre "Bashnya na Naberezhnoy" of business quarter the Moscow City. At new office it was necessary to organize 72 workplaces taking into account specifics of architecture of rooms and already available color interior schemes.

The project is realized together with the furniture company "Galaktika".

1. Executive rooms

For the organization of comfortable working space of heads, IQ series tables with the frame metal basis of the German production were chosen. The auxiliary negotiation table creates optimum conditions for communication with visitors. A color scheme of furniture for offices "Mondiale's Nut".

2. Workplaces

The ergonomics of workplaces are organized by means of many-placed bench-systems on the basis of the Nexus series. Each workplace is equipped with the mechanism of table-top sliding for access to the power and information sockets which are stored in a cable channel under the table top.

Aura partitions 111 cm high from the level of a floor allowed to create on workplaces the necessary level of a privacy for the concentrated work, without limiting the possibility of communication between employees.

Storage and communication on workplaces is organized by means of a mobile pedestals named "Lollipop" which is stored under a table and moves forward if necessary. The cases named "VALET" and special cases for bench-systems placed in passes also provide employees with a volume zone for storage of documents and personal belongings, and their tops create comfortable conditions for short communication or work standing.

For long comfortable work of employees ergonomic working chairs named "Choose" with a mesh back were chosen. Color of a grid is picked up in tone to a fabric upholstery of partitions, and for an upholstery of chair seats and Lollipop pillows is used the fabric of Camira production.

3. The non-standard wardrobes

The part of the bearing designs of office building at the time of the beginning of the project was already revetted with wooden panels. Experts of Orgspace were faced by a task to design the built-in wardrobe cases, completely coincident with color of wall panels. The picked-up front panels "The French nut" optimum coincided with the available decor.

Final project

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examples of implemented projects

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