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 examples of implemented projects



Lack of space? The solution is "hot-desks"!

According to preliminary estimates the space of the Lanit new office did not allow to accommodate all its employees. But Orgspaces specialists were convinced that it was possible, and whats more: that each employee could have a comfortable workplace.

Workplaces zone
In order to accomplish the task Orgspaces specialists have thoroughly studied the peculiarities of the employees activities. The study has brought forward the fact that the consultants are often on the move, and when they stay in the office they need a minimum space and maximum concentration to work efficiently. Therefore the most suitable solution for the consultants work space was the organization of a mobile office or "hot-desks".

Creation of a mobile office helped to save space for employees from other departments. Developers spending most part of their time inside the office were provided with workstations based on compact Zigzag tables, and the documents storage was backed up by hinged HandUp cabinets.

In the third open-space subarea there are arranged workplaces of chiefs whose professional activity envisaged as a most crucial process their cooperation with the employees. With a lack of office space the organization of communications using Lollipop* mobile pedestals proved to be an optimal solution. Privacy much needed for both communications and an attentive and deep-focused work is provided for by high Aura partitions.

Private offices
Processing of a great bulk of information, archive documents, talks with visitors and employees are routine working processes of departments heads. The productivity of these processes is supported by the Everything at Hand workstation based on a desk with an interactive desktop to ensure communication. The task to store a large number of documents was solved by means of high cabinets with sliding doors.

Negotiation zone
Every day chiefs and employees of the division hold a great number of meetings with visitors. A large oval table is the best tool for successful negotiations.

Archive zone
All employees of an open-space office need a place to store their archive documents. To arrange a snug storage area there were used high cabinets with personal cells.

Final project


src="res/climage_986_1.jpg"On behalf of the LANIT Group and myself Id like to thank the heads and employees of Orgspace Consulting for their competent work, which ensures that in March this year our employees of the Management and Consulting Systems Division moved to the new office.
Thanks to Orgspaces novel approach we managed to not merely increase a number of workstations, but also to create comfortable conditions for each employee, which manifests daily in results of their work.
We are fully satisfied with our profitable, and hopefully, long-term cooperation, and Id be delighted to recommend Orgspace Consulting to everyone, who wants to make his office efficient.

Chief Executive Officer
Management and Consulting Systems Division
P.S. Goryansky

Why did we choose Orgspace? src="res/climage_985_1.jpg"In the second half of 2005 we faced an urgent issue of equipping our office premises, as the business growth and the staff expansion in the Management and Consulting Systems Division envisaged an essential increase in the number of workstations, but there was not enough of space to expand in LANITs own premises.
The solution sprung up almost accidentally: we were on a tour in one of the offices equipped with the Orgspace furniture. We saw quite a successful variant to arrange workplaces according to the mobile office principle distinguished by a considerable flexibility and a convenience of use. After meeting Orgspaces specialists we entrusted them with the project development without hesitating.
Our principal task was to allocate several dozens of workstations equipped in such a way that the consultants  could use them when working in LANITs office, and that there were no unused tables when their colleagues were away elaborating some project. Apart from consultants it was necessary to accommodate in a relatively small room a group of developers, and linear chief managers, who should have had a possibility to contact their employees directly. Aside from convenient and compact arrangement of working places we wanted to remove all distracting factor for the employees, who should stay fully attentive and orderly to perform their work.
First of all, the project managers, Alexander Gusev and Elena Mkrtychants, having studied the nature of work of all employees and executive managers, made up a process model. And only after that the stage of planning solution development began. Together with Alexander and Elena we determined several types of workplaces to be configured to meet the specific requirements of the work to be made. Particularly, an ideal solution for the consultants workstations located in the mobile part of the office was compact desks and pedestals for personal things. Stationery workstations were supplied with a convenient section to store documents; the executive managers got a possibility to communicate staying at their workplaces.
Having analyzed the project proposed by Orgspace we came to a final opinion that it was an ultimately suitable variant for our office. Thanks to the worked-out solutions that took into account all peculiarities of the office planning and working processes the workstations installed in our new office allowed us to allocate all our employees and also to have some reserves in line with our current development and expansion plans.

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* This product is patented that forbids to make, use or sell the industrial samples which similar to this product or are close reminding it. Protection of exclusive rights of the patent holder is carried out according to articles 1252, 1253, 1346, 1353, 1358, 1406, 1407 of part IV of the Civil Law of the Russian Federation.

examples of implemented projects

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