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Office process designing that helped save $ 250,000

The Caliningrad company “Inok” specializes in the sale and support of business software. In light of an essential staff increase the company has faced a necessity to move to a new office. Having analyzed the real estate market and having calculated the space required to accommodate all the employees, the company was preparing to buy 3 floors in a new business center.

In this project Orgspace Consulting applied fully its know-how to designing the offices. As a result it worked out solutions making such an efficient use of the available space that the office occupied only two floors, and the company could decide against buying a third floor.

In particular, it was suggested to organize a mobile office for agents’ activities. Besides, the office had stored a great deal of archive documents. Under the recommendation from Orgspace Consulting an electronic archive was introduced in the office, and virtually all paper documents were moved to a special storage room. The ergonomics of the employees’ workstations was minutely calculated and there were used special compact workplaces, which allowed us to liberate an additional area of the office space for other processes.  In aisles there were placed cabinets with sliding doors, and in several cases – instead of visitor’s chairs there were used Lollipop* pedestals to sit on, the functionality of Aura partitions is optimally used to store documents and other things.

As a whole there were applied many special solutions from Orgspace aimed at optimizing the office space use.
Having implemented all planned project solutions, INOK decided against buying a third floor, thus saving about $ 250,000. Moreover, after moving to a new office the company’s chief managers have noted a considerable rise in the employees’ output.

Final projects

5 floor:
6 floor:


Within the previous year our company’s staff has expanded significantly, that is why we decided to buy a new office. We began at once to look for a designer for our office and the office furniture supplier. The Orgspace Consulting Company seemed to us most interesting: in respect of the European-level manufactured furniture, and the company’s approach to designing offices. Following our estimated of the required office space we planned to buy three floors in one of Caliningrad’s Business Centers under construction. During the presentation of the project worked out by Orgspace Consulting we were surprised to learn that two floors would be enough to accommodate our company. The space was saved thanks to unusual design solutions and peculiar features of the Orgspace furniture. With all that there were no doubts about the project ergonomics: all the proposed solutions were thought-out to the last detail and thoroughly grounded. For example, the mobile office for agents’ work helped us save some space, as well as gave this department an unprecedented clear image. It got much more comfortable and pleasant to work there.
Taking the opportunity I’d like to thank Orgspace Consulting for our remarkable office in every respect, where our company began to work more efficiently, and for the money we have saved by buying only two floors instead of three.

Î.Z. Matukevich

* This product is patented that forbids to make, use or sell the industrial samples which similar to this product or are close reminding it. Protection of exclusive rights of the patent holder is carried out according to articles 1252, 1253, 1346, 1353, 1358, 1406, 1407 of part IV of the Civil Law of the Russian Federation.

examples of implemented projects

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