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 examples of implemented projects



Project for the leader in IT industry

We have been working with IBS for over five years. The successive phase of office re-equipment included the organization of effective working zone for strategically important company employees, i.e. leading  programmers.

The major task to be solved through planning decisions was the combination of free communication with colleagues and spontaneous team work with the possibility for maximum concentration. Taking into consideration the programmersĺ work specifics and the targets set, the office was separated into zones, and the planning decisions were developed.

To ensure the convenient communication between the employees, the work places were equipped with Aura screens, and the departments requiring the team work were equipped with mobile briefing devices of Tetrix« system.  Dependent on the storage volume, the work places were equipped with personal drawer pedestals and attached accessories. To ensure maximum comfort for employees, the office interior became emotionally neutral, and the furniture of gray color was chosen.

Final project:

1-st floor:
2-d floor:

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examples of implemented projects

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