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 examples of implemented projects



Extreme architecture?  With maximum use!

We were offered to equip new office using the original project developed by the architect. The building where the office was had an unusual architecture. Almond-shaped appearance of the building was repeated in the internal premises. As a result, there was practically not a single right angle in the office. Another peculiarity of the office was the architecture of office rooms for top and middle managers: most of these premises had a trapezoid shape just about 3 meters wide.

Work places
The knowledge and skills of  Orgspace designers allowed to rework the original design and, despite the very complicated architecture of office premises, to create the space comfortable for work, to provide normal ergonomics in all office zones, and by all this to take into consideration nearly all specifics of the company activity.

Office rooms
The thorough study was conducted for the projects of office rooms of all levels whose premises were very narrow due to the small window pitch. As a result, the comfortable and functional space was created for managers despite the composite architecture. 

Meeting rooms
The furniture system Effica is used in the meeting rooms of the office. This system allows to make bargaining tables of any configuration. It was important to have a large and wide table in two large meeting rooms, in order it would be convenient for working with architectural designs and drawings. The cable management system of meeting rooms was thoroughly analyzed: the applied concepts give the employees quick and convenient access to connections, and the ability to make a video presentation or to  work with a laptop computer.

Final project:


With this letter I would like to thank Orgspace Consulting company in the person of  Alexander Gusev and Ekaterina Dolgova for the participation in the project on the construction of new office center in Moscow region. Our company manages the high-rise business center of class located on the cross point of  Moscow Encircling Highway (MKAD) and Borovsk Highway. This building has a composite architecture in the form of a ship hull.  Such architecture is an impressive  element of interior design, but it makes the design of work space a complicated task.  The design of office rooms for top and middle managers adjoining the rounded  glass walls was an especially difficult task due to window pitch.  Orgspace Consulting company won the tender for design works and furniture supply for our office center. It won this tender against strong bidders, including the foreign companies, by offering, unlike other bidders, the office project  that perfectly matched the peculiar building architecture and our working processes. Alexander Gusev and Ekaterina Dolgova exercised a creative approach and high level of professionalism in equipping the office center with the furniture of high quality. The tenants of our office center were pleased not only with the quality of furniture but also with its convenient location in the premises with the effective usage of  free space. Orgspace Consulting experts spent a lot of time to giving consultations for the tenants of office center, in order to train them in the correct usage of furniture.  The office came out as modern not only due to the architecture but also the furniture that was full of state-of-the-art technical concepts: collapsible cable channels, sliding table tops, integrated pull-out sockets in the negotiating tables and office cabinets, and many other things which make the work more efficient and pleasant. I am pleased to recommend Orgspace to all those who would like to work in a modern and comfortable office!

M.Y. Sinitsyna
General Director

examples of implemented projects

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