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 examples of implemented projects



Professionals choose Orgspace

Our companies have already been collaborating for about 10 years. The Hettich management in Russia and Europe knows quite well the Orgspace products and shares fully the ideas of Orgspace’s efficient office concept. That is why the company faced the issue of workspace re-equipment Orgspace was unanimously selected as the designer and supplier.

Open-space workplaces
The activity of employees and department chiefs requires an enhanced concentration, therefore the privacy of open-space workplaces has become one of the prime tasks when equipping an office. To solve the task there were used multifunctional partitions and hinged cloth cushions. The employees’ comfort is provided by the IQ furniture system ergonomics and productive Giroflex chairs.

Private offices and negotiation zones
For heads of departments working in the open-space zone there was ensured a possibility of uninterrupted work; organized a voluminous storage of documents, and a convenient communication with the employees. The team work, meetings and negotiations are held in the negotiation room.

Conference hall
Several times per year the Company’s Moscow office holds conferences attended by all representative offices of Hettich International. Besides, the conference hall is planned for holding presentations, meetings and talks, as well as employees’ training and other corporate events. The optimal solution was to create a transformable space easily adjusted for any of the above working processes.

Corporate style
Due to various furniture solutions, including custom ones the office interior is designed in accordance with the Company’s corporate colours (grey, silver and blue).

Final project


Hettich’s furniture fittings are well-known in more than 100 countries of the world due to a top quality of products, variety of ideas and constant consumer-oriented loyalty.
The reason for the office reconstruction was the necessity to improve the employees’ working conditions and a scheduled staff increase. To implement our ideas we needed a sound office project and the furniture that would meet Germany’s strict quality standards. We have been operating in Russia for other 10 years and have a full and clear idea about the office furniture market. So it didn’t take us long to find a partner to reequip our office. We chose Orgspace Consulting as our projector, and its Orgspace office furniture system as the main furniture product.
As a result within the same space we managed to arrange all our employees, proving each of them with a comfortable and ergonomic workplace, and also to create a reserve of workplaces for the newly-employed.
We are glad we have such a mutually beneficial partnership with Orgspace and hope for further cooperation!

A.V. Terekhin
Sales Director of Hettich RUS, LLC

examples of implemented projects

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