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 examples of implemented projects



Standards from Germany projects from Orgspace

In 2007 the international company  Döhler, that is a European leader in the production of components for juices, opened its plant in the vicinities of Moscow. The company has tough corporate standards for office organization and equipment. Orgspace Consulting won the tender by offering the products which were optimal in all criteria: ergonomics, quality, and pricing policy.

Optimal projects
In the process of work on the office equipment the available project was adopted to the selected products and corrected with account of personnel activity specifics  and premise architecture. As a result, all office zones including laboratories, meeting rooms, and work places were equipped with up-to-date and thought-out furniture items of IQ series. To achieve the maximum comfort at work, the effective armchairs Giroflex series G-68 were chosen with different types of wheels dependent on flooring.

Everlasting shelves
The special attention was paid to the equipment of company archive zone. Since the employees have to use  the archive documents placed in Corona folders with metal corners very frequently, the shelves in the bookcases should be especially resistant to wear.  Simple concept  was developed specifically for Döhler: standard shelf is covered with thin and strong material that makes it absolutely resistant to mechanical effects.

In laboratory conditions
Laboratory works with liquids and special compositions require specific resistance of furniture. But such "stress"  conditions were an additional prove of the high quality of  Orgspace furniture and Giroflex armchairs.

Final projects

1-st floor:
2-d floor:


Döhler  group takes one of the leading positions in the world in regard of integrated solutions for the production of beverages.  Russia is a very promising region for Döhler, therefore the innovation-and-development center was established here in 2007. The center includes  administrative-storage and production areas. We faced the task of administrative complex arrangement. It was necessary to find a competent contractor to create the office meeting the company corporate style. We made the thorough analysis of the Russian market, and organized tender among German companies. Finally we were  satisfied with the quality, service and delivery conditions offered by Orgspace Consulting. We were pleased with choosing the Russian supplier.  Finally we got the office that completely meets our expectations in design and functionality. We were pleasantly surprised by the fact that there is a company in the Russian market whose products and service level meet the world standards!  We would like to thank Orgspace Consulting and are pleased to recommend it as a qualified and accurate consultant and furniture supplier.

. Kandlen
Plant Director

examples of implemented projects

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