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 examples of implemented projects



How to increase the effectiveness of call-center by means of furniture?

The scheduled change of furniture in Diline office coincided with a significant staff increase in many departments. Besides, the company managers got interested in the possibility of improving the effectiveness and loyalty of employees b means of the proper office arrangement. Therefore, the company decided to reconstruct the whole space instead of simply buying the new furniture.

Call-center as a strategic item
The primary task was to equip the call-center of wholesale department. Prior to the commencement of design works the experts from Orgspace Consulting investigated the available working environment in  call-center. It was found out that the operators experienced some difficulties with concentrating their attention, because they were constantly disturbed by something, they got tired very quickly and by midday were not able to work at full capacity. As a result, the total number of  afternoon calls was reducing that affected the total output of the department. The analysis results allowed to develop the model of optimum work place for the operator which became the basis for the preparation of the whole project. Taking into account the rational usage of space the models of work places included the specific non-standard space-saving items which completely met the ergonomics requirements.

Stepped layout allowed to obtain the significant reduction of noise level and to create maximum privacy in the work places. The usage of  special design techniques for a new office resulted in significant increase of afternoon calls and total sales with the same number of employees.
The detailed data about the project can be found in "Modern Office" magazine.

Work space for sales department
Effective performance of department employees is not possible without maximum privacy and physical comfort.  Highly comfortable work places were organized with the help of ergonomic Orgspace tables, partitions, and accessories despite the extreme space limitations. Thus, care about comfort and health of specialists  allowed to get higher results from their activity and to increase their loyalty. There are also managers in this department whose work places were equipped with special small-size tables Zigzag. This resulted in significant reduction of office space and improvement of work environment.

Negotiating zones
Several meeting rooms and briefing zones were organized in the office for meetings with company partners and clients.

Final projects


src="res/climage_939_1.jpg"Its always nice when you acquire something of high quality and completely meeting your expectations. Its even more pleasant when your investment are paid back and start to bring profit. This is why we chose  Orgspace Consulting.  Our employees are working better and more effective in the office zones designed and equipped by Orgspace.  We can not but mention the high level of quality, reliability, and ergonomics of  Orgspace furniture.
We would like to express special gratitude to Natalya Nikiforova and Alexander Gusev for their non-standard approach, their knowledge and persistence in achieving the best results in the projects realized for us.  We recommend Orgspace Consulting as a reliable and professional partner in the development and equipment of effective offices.. 

Olesya Karabach
Head of General service department

Why did we choose Orgspace?

src="res/climage_938_1.jpg"In spring 2004 our company decided to carry out the optimization of work places in the office and, of course, the question arouse about the purchase of new furniture.  At that moment Orgspace Consulting was advised to us as the company having a very unusual approach to office design and producing high-quality and modern office furniture.
We were able to assess the peculiarity of their approach from the very beginning. Having analyzed the specifics of Diline personnel activity, the Orgspace managers offered in fact several models of working processes. We were discussing not the type of furniture and its location, but the way how our employees would work, and how certain furniture items would help them to work better. As a result of our joint activities we really managed to optimize the work places through creating an effective work zone. Staff performance improved significantly. Non-standard work places developed specifically for each category of employees allowed to use the space with maximum efficiency. 
There are over 500 work places in our company nut we are sure that well be able to make the whole office more effective with the help of  Orgspace solutions.

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examples of implemented projects

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