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 examples of implemented projects

Detsky Mir (Children’s World)

Detsky Mir (Children’s World)

Detsky Mir (Children’s World)
Global goal and comprehensive approach

At the beginning of 2007 the company “Detsky Mir” made a decision to join all it’s divisions into a single office. The new office was expected to accommodate around 1000 people. The office itself should have been arranged not only in conformity with the company style but also carry the brand philosophy and have effect on personnel motivation. The personnel effectiveness, ability for office adoption to future company changes, and optimum usage of space were among other primary tasks.

Orgspace experts developed the new office design including the navigation, appearance of floors, walls, and ceilings, styling of furniture. The subject-matter and color decisions linked with the Customer brand content was developed for each floor in the building.

Office rooms
Due to specifics of the working process of the company middle management, the separate office rooms were allotted to the majority of middle managers despite the fact that the whole office was organized in Open Space style.  Taking into account the number of these office rooms and the task of the optimum usage of office space, the area of the most of these office rooms didn’t exceed 18 or 9 m2. The process approach and usage of optimum furniture concepts allowed to organize the working environment which supported the effective work, and to highlight the status of managers even on such a small space.

Meeting rooms
Like with the office rooms, the premises intended for meeting rooms didn’t have any excessive millimeter of space.  Therefore the design activity included the detailed analysis of  meeting rooms’ ergonomics which allowed to obtain the maximum usage of space. All tables for negotiations are equipped with interfaces  for connecting laptop computers and presentation equipment. In order to save space, the roller louvers of special material were used instead of screens.

VIP meeting room
The special table was designed for VIP meeting room with account of premise architecture and specifics of processes in this meeting room.  Interfaces for connection of mobile devices and presentation equipment are integrated into the table. To provide maximum comfort for the company managers and visitors, the meeting room is equipped with VIP-armchairs series Tango from Giroflex  with special seat sliding mechanism and adaptive backrest.

Conference room
Conference room design became the most complicated and interesting task. A large number of participants, long-time work, plenty of equipment, video presentation, video conferences, press conferences, board meetings, etc. Every process, every element had to be integrated into a single working space. And it was needed to ensure maximum effectiveness despite the complicated architecture and limited space. Giroflex armchairs series G-68 were chosen for the conference room, in which the participants could work tirelessly during the whole day.  The general director’s place is equipped with sensor monitor  which allows not only to watch the presentation but also to make graphic comments in the process of presentation. All places at the table have interfaces for  connection of mobile devices. Plasma panels duplicating the image from the main screen are installed along the perimeter of conference room.

Work places
The office work zones are designed in Open Space style. As a result of process-based  office model and investigation of  the specifics of employees’ activity, the modern and effective work stations were developed  on the basis of  IQ series, equipped with cable management, flexible adjustable storage systems and partitions protecting from disturbance. The applied furniture series IQ allow to reconstruct the space easily and quickly dependent on the changes in business processes and company structure. Giroflex armchairs reduce fatigability and support high efficiency level of employees within the whole working day.

Process-based design, functional furniture items of high quality and Orgspace concepts, involvement of experts in interior design and branding allowed to transform the old building with composite architecture into a modern, effective and nice looking office that exactly meets the business targets of the Customer company.

Final projects:

2-d floor:

3-d floor:

4-th floor:
5-th floor:
6-th floor:

examples of implemented projects
Detsky Mir (Children’s World)

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