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Office for experts

The CBRE company the world leader in the field of commercial real estate having more than 350 offices in the world and staff about 44 000 people. Possessing an extensive experience in the field of management of objects of commercial real estate, at the equipment of own office the management of the company accurately designated requirements to quality and appearance of furniture, and also demand to development of a number of non-standard products. The new office of the Moscow representation of CBRE for 160 employees was placed in a tower "The Eye" of the business center "Moscow City" on the area of 1500 m².

The project is realized together with the Next Office Project company

1. Workplaces

Workplaces for employees are created on the basis of bench-tables of Nexus series with the metal frame basis and equipped with two-color fabric Aura screens 111 cm high allowing employees to interact freely among themselves. For the convenient organization was developed a cable management with special dimensional a cable channels and fixture upon the customer's Technical Task. Access to connections is realized as in under table top space by means of folding a cable channels, and from a working surface due to sliding of a table-top. Storage on workplaces is organized by means of side cases for bench-systems and mobile pedestals "Lollipop" which also used as the tool for the organization of communication on a workplace.

2. Hot-desks

Temporary workplaces of hot-desks are organized by means of the non-standard tables of 60 cm depth and equipped by under table top cable channels. Hatches with folding covers are provided by fast and convenient access to connections.

3. Non-standard built-in cases

The built-in cases of the non-standard sizes and locker for storage of the general documentation and personal belongings of employees were designed taking into account the available interior decisions. However, the frame design allows to move without effort them to any other place as separate elements of furniture. All cases are equipped with locks with the replaceable cylinders allowing to operate by access to storage, it is easy to change a lock cylinder in case of loss or breakage of a key without use of tools.

4. Working chairs

For equipment of workplaces Choose series chairs with a mesh back were chosen. The customer highlighted need of not simply convenient, but ergonomic chairs with simple and intuitively clear settings. Choose series chairs optimum corresponded to the declared parameters. An upholstery of chairs, as well as fabrics for partitions and pillows of Lollipop pedestals from the leading English producer named CAMIRA, are picked up in strict accordance with corporate color of the company.

Final project:

examples of implemented projects

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