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Russian Railway Logistics

Russian Railway Logistics

Russian Railway Logistics
Uniform style for different ergonomics

In 2013 JSC "Russian Railway Logistics" made the decision change the office to the downtown of Moscow. By summer on the area of 830 sq.m of the brand new business centre already had to begin work 109 employees of the company. Orgspace was faced by a task precisely to fulfil all decisions conceived by architects both concerning the organization of space, and concerning design.


At new office the staff of different departments of the company gathered in open space. Therefore on the one hand all office has to be issued in uniform style, but with another workplaces have to consider nature of working processes, frequency and volume of communication of employees.

The Nexus series including both separate tables, and many-placed bench-systems allowed to solve successfully an objective and to adjust optimum working space for each employee.

Communication on workplaces is organized by means of a mobile multipurpose pedestal named Lollipop. Also in end faces of bench-tables are placed cases 111 cm high which tops employees often use for short communication in standing position.

Archive zones

For storage of documents at office some archive zones both with high cases, and with cases 111 cm high are organized. On their tops it is convenient to work with papers, without departing from archive.

Design and materials

Furniture solutions of Orgspace completely correspond to the design project approved by the customer. An interior of office modern and comfortable for daily work. In furniture two main decors are used: "An oak Smoky" and "Wenges", it is successfully supplemented by beige desktop screens and black fabric pillows of Lollipop pedestals.

Resumes from the final project

examples of implemented projects
Russian Railway Logistics

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