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Moscow Industrial Bank

Moscow Industrial Bank

Moscow Industrial Bank
Conference room: Created in Russia. Made in Germany.

The branch network of Moscow Industrial Bank now consist of totals 255 offices of customer service in 29 regions of Russia. For the organization of effective interaction with filial offices and partners at the beginning of 2010 the management of MInB made the decision to create at head office a modern and hi-tech conference room with possibility of regular carrying out videoconferences.

In this project the Orgspace company worked in close interaction with architects and integrators of the conference equipment, acting as an ergonomist, the designer and the supplier of exclusive furniture decisions. Under the leadership of experts of Orgspace some European producers participated in implementation of the project.


During ergonomics design of a conference room were calculated all distances between people and the subjects surrounding them taking into account the planned working processes, the optimum provision of microphones and monitors concerning people and sources of a sound and light is defined. Besides, future image which will arrive from video cameras was calculated and modelled, and optimum points of their placement were defined.

The ergonomic concept allowed to define an optimum form and dimensions of a conference table, to think over a cable management and to create Technical Task on all components of the project.


As meetings and videoconferences in this hall can last till some hours, the client chose ergonomic chairs with premium ergonomics. For the places around the table chairs from the Swiss company Giroflex are chosen: for members of presidium - the G64 model, for the president of bank - G 81 Leonardo. On perimeter of the hall conference chairs from the Spanish producer for delegates are mounted.


The conference table and additional tables of the speaker and administrator were made in accordance with drawings of Orgspace at the German factory. In finishing the eucalyptus interline interval, and also a genuine leather of a lux-class from the Austrian producer is used. Leather was made by the special order according to corporate colour of bank and was applied not only to dressing of a presidium table-top, but to the upholstery of all chairs in a conference room.

Conference equipment and cable management

In a conference room is used the complex expensive equipment, in particular, the video wall consisting of 25 plasma panels. On perimeter of the hall are located video cameras the image with which can be broadcast on a video wall, and also in one or a set of remote conference rooms. The place of each member of presidium is equipped with the personal monitor and a wireless microphone of corridor type. All the electrical wires are placed under a table-top in special cable channels.

examples of implemented projects
Moscow Industrial Bank

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