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 examples of implemented projects



Step-by-step comprehensive re-equipment of office

To equip many of it’s European offices, Danone chose the design decisions from Steelcase company, the world leader in the production of office furniture. The Orgspace decisions were chosen in Russia. The project was implemented together with Office Solutions company, the Steelcase dealer.

Work places
It was essential in conditions of open-space premises to obtain the feeling of privacy in each work place for all company employees, as well as to create the environment helping to save the working time. Therefore, high-performance work places “Single-move access”® on the basis of Aura partitions were used in the premises.

Archive zone and aisles
For the purpose of the effective usage of office space nearly all aisles and corridors are utilized at maximum. There are archive cabinets with sliding doors and with shelves there..

Meeting rooms and briefing zones
Since the privacy in the zone of work places is one of the most important conditions for the effective work, the communication between the employees and with the visitors is transferred to the maximum extent into isolated meeting rooms and premises for team work intended for various number of participants.

Office rooms
Small meeting zones are provided in all office rooms of department managers. The interior of office rooms is executed in common office style.

Final projects

5-th floor, right wing:
6-th floor, left wing:
6-th floor, right wing:

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examples of implemented projects

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