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 examples of implemented projects



Design of new office of the foreign company with complex business-processes

Center for Business Skills Development (CBSD) established by the American company US West and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) is the leader in training the Russian staff of the international companies to the world standards of business and  customer work.

Moving to the business-center "Krylatskie Kholmy" the company decided not only to create a nice-looking, modern, and comfortable office, but also make it ideal for the company specifics. This required non-standard and the most effective solutions.

Work places
The work of company trainers and consultants requires high level of accuracy and responsibility.  Therefore, privacy and silence were the major criteria for equipping the work places. Ergonomics of furniture items chosen for work places allows to maintain activity and effectiveness of employees during the whole day. There is a briefing zone in the center of work zone, which is separated from work places by partitions.

Corporate library
To create the modern and convenient corporate library for the company employees and visitors, Orgspace Consulting experts developed the special work terminals equipped with cable channels for laptop computers. The usage of blue decorative elements in the furniture allowed to underline the company corporate style.  .

Reception hall
Non-standard silver metal covering was used for the reception counter to underline the company corporate style.  High volume and diversity of office-manager activity were the decisive factors for the work place configuration: with thought-out and volume storage, ergonomic table and effective visualization system..

Lecture room
One of Orgspace unique developments is the lecture room intended for 40 people. After deep development of the premise and preparation of the architectural project the special concepts for the furniture for audience, as well as unique media-pedestals were designed. According to the customer requirements, they should have become the place for the storage of all things necessary for lectures and presentations and had maximum protection.

Recreation zone
The recreation zone was made especially for those company clients who spent a lot of training hours in the company. Orgspace developed a non-typical product, i.e.  kitchen where the elements  of the company corporate style were also implemented. Its possible to conduct mini-meetings or to read here.

Final project


src="res/climage_968_1.jpg"On behalf of  CBSD/Thunderbird, Russia  I would like to thank the team of "Orgspace Consulting" for their cooperation in our business development, for the pleasant and energy-charging environment created in our office.  As a result of our effective cooperation, the convenient work places for trainers which provided for the required privacy in conditions of open-space, unique amphitheater and cozy library with recreation zone were created.
Thanks to high qualification level of managers and talent of  Orgspace designers we managed to develop and realize the design concepts acceptable for us.
We are very glad to be able to work with  "Orgspace Consulting" , the Russian manufacturer of high-quality furniture that can also provide the services of high level.
We are pleased to recommend "Orgspace Consulting" as the company which successfully solves issues related to ergonomics, labor organization, and office effectiveness.

President of CBSD/Thunderbird, Russia
Dennis Hopple

Why did we choose Orgspace?

src="http://www.orgspace.ru/res/climage_969_1.jpg"At the end of  summer  2005 we planned to move the office of our company CBSD/ Thunderbird, Russia to the International business-park "Krylatskie Kholmy" , which is a modern, prestigious office center in the west of Moscow.
It was very essential for us to make our office maximally comfortable for employees and visitors in conditions of large open space.
By the moment of our acquaintance with "Orgspace Consulting" we already had the nearly approved project  from the other supplier. But after the first presentation made during the initial meeting with "Orgspace Consulting"  we had a wish to plan our office using Orgspace system.
The projects developed by Orgspace experts  showed the maximum correlation with our expectations.
There are specific programs in our compan which require non-standard furniture. This task was easily solved with Orgspace: we were telling about the processes to be held in the Lecture room, the way the trainers work etc., and in some time we received the sketches which were optimal for our work
We are very satisfied with the results because we really see how pleasant for our employees the work in the new office is, and how convenient the clients feel themselves in modern and comfortable environment.

Administrative Director
CBSD/ Thunderbird, Russia
Tatyana Morskaya

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examples of implemented projects

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