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furniture for motor shows

Furniture for motor shows

Time of faceless points of sale of cars passed. Showrooms become important attribute of an auto brand, representing the ideas put in it and values, showing to consumers its originality. For the solution of this task car makers develop the uniform corporate standards regulating to dealers worldwide rules of registration of motor shows with use of unique furniture decisions.

A unique series of furniture for RENAULT

Among car makers Renault one of the first beginnings to introduce a corporate style in an interior of showrooms of the dealers. The uniform corporate standard "Renault C@RE" is applied in all countries of presence of the brand. For optimization of the equipment costs and logistics, Renault in each country chooses the general designer and the supplier of furniture decisions. In Russia Orgspace became it.

For exact reproduction of the RENAULT standards design decisions were worked out and adapted, the package of drawings, technical documentation was prepared and new technologies in production of furniture were mastered. For example, use unusual "ecological linoleum" - marmoleum. It is made only from environmentally friendly natural raw materials: linseed oil, wood flour, natural pitches, limestone, natural color pigments. The basis of this covering is served by a strong jute cloth. The superficial covering protects a surface of a marmoleum from scratches and wear, and also considerably facilitates cleaning and servicing. In furniture of Renault marmoleum dark grey color it is applied on a number of surfaces of white furniture.

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furniture for motor shows

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