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Quality and environmental friendliness of Laminated Chipboard Lamarty E 0.5

In 2012 the Orgspace company one of the first in Russia passed to production of furniture from eco-friendly LCB Lamarty with emission class E 0.5. For its production is used only birch spill (70%) and spill of coniferous breeds (30%). No other components in a Chipboard of Syktivkar plywood plant are present. And, for production of LCB Lamarty« it isn't cut any tree ľ it is used the spill received in the result of plywood production.

The optimum ratio of birch and coniferous breeds of wood, and also lack of bark provide to Lamarty« brand plate the high density and hardness.

Lamarty« chipboards properties

The chipboard of Lamatry« has no obvious 3 layer structures, the chips size evenly decreases from the middle to edges of plate thickness. Physical and mechanical efforts are spread more evenly in all thickness of a plate, considerably increasing resistance to influences. And it means that any fastenings and self-tapping screws will keep long and strongly, without forming chips and other damages.
Lamarty« chipboard colour ľ light, but not dark grey or brown, as at most of other producers where as a part of raw materials bark and other waste of wood-processing production is partially used.

Environmental friendliness of a plate

The laminated Lamarty« plate with decors from the leading European producers also has a class of environmental friendliness E 0,5.
Application of the latest development in the field of non-toxically pitches and various additives by production of wood plates allowed to increase considerably environmental friendliness of production at improvement of its high physic mechanical rates.
Production of plant is certified according to the most strict requirements of the European and Russian standards, including in the field of ecological safety.

The comparative table of values * physic mechanical indicators of plates of E1 and E 0,5 from Lamarty«

Indicators Unit of measure Standard of GOST 10632 Lamarty E1 Lamarty E0,5
Content of formaldehyde Mg per 100g no more than 8 7,0 3,2
Content of formaldehyde (gas-analytical method) ╠g/ý² for ┼1 ľ no more than 3,5
for ┼0,5 ľ no more than 1,75
2,15 0,77

* - All values are given on to the laminated plate 16 mm



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