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Moving with available furniture

moving with available furniture

How to change the address without changing the furniture?

How to create the new office without additional investment?
How to make savings on furniture not saving on the effectiveness?
How to maintain the personnel loyalty?

Are you going to move with the available furniture?
To be located on the minimum space?
To ensure comfortable working environment for your employees?

Sometimes there are situations when its not feasible to make investments. For example, into the furniture.  In this case its important for savings not to turn into losses.  Due to non-comfortable working environment. Due to losses in effectiveness and personnel loyalty.  Due to non-optimal usage of space.
The project for new office based on the available furniture requires more careful, `finer design than the project based on new furniture. This is because the available furniture was bought for another type of premise, another architecture, and very often for another company structure.

Nevertheless, even in this case the new office can be made even more effective than the old one. 

If you contact Orgspace Consulting, our experts will give you a free advice on the new office project based on the available furniture.

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moving with available furniture

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