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office expansion

office expansion

How to save money making office larger?

What does the office expansion mean?
To increase the number of employees? Or to increase the number of premises?
To increase the office space?  Total or usable area?
What target to choose?  Maximum number of work places or maximum effectiveness for every work place?

So, you made a decision to expand the available office. There is surely a reason for this. It may be that you have some new employees or new business processes. If you have only started to think about new premises, make use of the "Orgspace Consulting" service evaluation of reserves for office effectiveness improvement. Its possible that you will not need new premises, and new employees and new business processes will be located in the current office after its partial re-equipment.

If you already have the new premise, make use of  the design service from "Orgspace Consulting", in order to use this premise with the maximum effectiveness.

office re-equipment

office expansion

new office

additional office equipment

moving with available furniture

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