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Office re-equipment

office re-equipment

You may change the address but itís easier to change the furniture

Do you want to change the corporate image?
Do you have new employees?
Were the business processes changed?
Did you decide to increase the loyalty of employees by making the office more comfortable?
Did you set the target to make your business more effective?

Office works is a constantly changing process. New employees come, new technologies appear, and business targets are changedÖ What influence should these changes have on the office equipment? Office re-equipment can be a never-ending story if the project doesnít provide for the possibility of office adoption to the occurring changes.

If you contact Orgspace Consulting, our specialists will give you a free advice on all questions related to the re-equipment of your office. Below are the recommendations for the most frequently asked questions:

1. How to ensure the project success?

Clearly formulate the targets which made you take a decision to re-equip your office. Remember that office is a tool for meeting your business challenge. Think over how you will define whether you met the set targets or not.

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2. How to ensure the project quality?

Entrust the project development for your office re-equipment to the specially trained and certified Orgspace dealer.

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3. How to choose Orgspace dealer?

Follow the recommendations from Orgspace Consulting.

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4. How to organize the project defence?

No matter, two or hundreds of work places we are talking about, the project should be thoroughly prepared and defended, as it realizes the certain model of working processes, your office processes.

The defence of the project should involve the managers of departments whose performance will be influenced by the office re-equipment. Do not ask what kind of furniture will be used and where it will be located, but ask how the working processes will be performed.


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5. How to prepare employees for working in new environment?

The personís idea of his (her) significance for the company depends not only on the salary size but also on the ability to exert influence on the processes running around. Give your employees access to the necessary information and enable them to discuss the upcoming office changes. This will reduce the level of their discomfort and prepare for the work in new environment.

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6. How to organize office re-equipment without interrupting itís activity?

Define the office areas for step-by-step re-equipment. Doing this, you should be guided by the parameters of the so called buffer premises or zones where the reequipped parts of the office will be temporarily ďmovedĒ  at the beginning of each step. You may use, for example, the meeting rooms as buffer premises.  The negotiations during this period can be conducted in small-size briefing zones or outside the office. Another option for the organization of buffer zones is to temporarily assign some office employees to do their  work at home, introducing special target-setting and controlling procedures into the working processes.

In order to save money on the equipment of buffer zones, you may rent the furniture for the period of worksí performance.

Prepare the calendar plan for all key events, such as the completion of construction works, delivery of furniture and equipment, assembly and installation of work places, move of office areas to buffer zones and to prepared premises.

Follow the progress of this plan implementation, and if necessary make changes to it.
Inform and instruct your employees about their work pattern and changes in working processes for the period of office re-equipment.


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7. How to achieve the highest results from the office re-equipment?

The highest result can be the result when main office resources are used with maximum effectiveness. And every company may have itís own effectiveness criteria. For example, the productivity of employees or the optimum usage of office space.

Make use of  "Orgspace Consulting" service "evaluation of reserves for office effectiveness improvement"  to set correct goals for office re-equipment. To avoid unnecessary expenses in the future, itís recommended to answer the following questions: ęWill the processes tomorrow be the same as they are today?  How can they change?Ľ.

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