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 efficient office

basic provisions

basic provisions

Let's look at an office through the eyes of Orgspace

Orgspace supposes that:

  1. office is a space where various working processes take place, for example individual work of the employees, negotiations, storage of the documents etc.;
  2. office furniture is not just fitment, but a tool for organizing these working processes like a pencil or a computer;
  3. everything in the office should help people work efficiently since the workers are the first of the basic office resources;
  4. office premises should be used to the maximum since the office premises are the second of the basic office resources.

Orgspace requirements to office furniture:

  1. office furniture should allow precise tuning of the office zones and workstations to the parameters of the certain office working processes;
  2. office furniture should help people work;
  3. office furniture should allow using the office premises to the maximum.

These provisions are implemented in the Orgspace products (furniture, accessories and partitions) and the Orgspace's efficient office design technology.

basic provisions

conception of the efficient office

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