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примеры эффективности рабочих мест

efficiency examples

How does it work?
Все под рукой

1. "Everything at Hand"® Work Place

Достать в одно движение

2. "Reach at Once"® Work Place

Мобильная переговорная Tetrix

3. Tetrix* Mobile Negotiation Room

Мобильное рабочее место

4. Mobile Work Place

5.  MoveScreen

6. Turn-over sockets

7. Cabinets with drawers

8. Ergonomics pedestals in the office

9. Partitions Aura

10. Cables management

* This product is patented that forbids to make, use or sell the industrial samples which similar to this product or are close reminding it. Protection of exclusive rights of the patent holder is carried out according to articles 1252, 1253, 1346, 1353, 1358, 1406, 1407 of part IV of the Civil Law of the Russian Federation.

basic provisions

conception of the efficient office

efficiency examples

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