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 efficient office

conception of the efficient office

conception of the efficient office

What is the efficient office?

This is an office where the employees work with high productivity. And what is especially good regardless of whether they want it or not.

Turning ordinary office into efficient one means that:

  • office work will become faster and easier;
  • office management will be easier;
  • office space will be used optimally;
  • changing the employees' tasks will not require additional expenses towards office equipment;
  • employees' loyalty will go up.

So, how do we achieve the maximum efficiency of the office?

  1. 1. Projecting the office correctly
  2. 1. Provide for the possibility of the office's flexible adaptation to the changing working processes.
  3. 1. Ensure the maximum efficiency of the employees' activities

What is a "correctly projected office"
Or what is the difference between an individual office and an own one?

First of all there is no "ideal" model office. In your office the working processes are yours and only yours. Document circulation standard. Data passage system. Employees' intercommunication procedures. And lots of other individual features. Your office should be projected specially for you, based on the office working processes and the tasks your set for the employees. If you want your office to be efficient to the maximum.

What does the "office's flexible adaptation to the changing working processes" mean
And how can one achieve it without additional expenses?

This means, for example, that your negotiating room may , apart from the large common meetings, accommodate the teamwork. Or regular training of the employees. Or video presentations. Or organization of temporary workstations. And all these will require neither renting new areas nor buying new equipment.
The workstations' configuration and their arrangement may also be changed. Again, depending on the new tasks and at no material and minimum organizational costs. Finally, there is functional flexibility within the workstation itself.

All these may be achieved using special accessories and mobile Orgspace items.

How to ensure the maximum return from the employees' activity
Or how do the working conditions influence its results?

What happens when you set a task for an employee? First of all you expect it to be efficiently fulfilled. This means that the employee should have a tool required to accomplish the task. It is all the same when we are talking about theoffice employees. Simply the office itself becomes a tool. Namely everything in it from pencil to computer and furniture. One can ensure maximum return from the employees' activity providing them with efficient working tool. And this tool is a competently worked out modern workstation.

What is a "modern workstation" ?

It is the efficient working space. It is designed considering the business process understanding. It is optimal in the view of the ergonomics. It takes into account the individualities of the employees. It considers various working styles. Finally, it is easily modifiable and can change functionality. It helps work.
That is how Orgspace see it.

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