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Interior design

interior design

How will the office look?

How to make the office nice looking without any detriment to its effectiveness?
How to increase the loyalty of employees through the office esthetics?
What kind of emotional accents should be used, and where to place them in the interior?  And with the help of which tools?
What kind of lighting will be in the office and what is the best place for its location?
Which finishing materials are appropriate for different office zones?
How  to save on finishing materials without any loss of interior quality?
How to reflect the company-specific style in the interior?
How to make office design functional, in order it could help the effective work of the employees?

All these and many other questions can be answered by the office interior design project.

The development of interior design can be started only after the office ergonomics has been planned. The first stage includes the design development of  the future office, and the development of its color concept. Then follows the preliminary selection of materials  based on the developed color concept. Among others the flooring, walls and ceilings finish, variants for frosting the glass parts of doors and partitions, etc.  are chosen.

Example of interior design project

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Content of works:
- development of office design concept;
- development of floor plans with the specification of finishing materials for floors;
- development of floor plans with the specification of finishing materials for ceilings;
- development of sectional and sweep schemes for the walls in main premises with the specification of finishing materials;
- development of photo renders for the main premises in quantity of maximum 10 pcs, and presentation boards with the samples of the proposed finishing materials with their description;
- recommendations on the selection and combination of finishing materials;
- field supervision.

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