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office ergonomics project

office ergonomics project

How will the office work?

What is the best way for splitting the premises into office zones?
How can the space organization help in achieving the effectiveness of each employee and each department?
How should the navigation across the office be organized?
What is the best way for organizing the connections to power and information networks?
What is the way to have the meeting rooms always ready for negotiations, and at the same time to avoid their idle time?
How to locate all office processes on minimum space without any detriment to operating efficiency?
How to improve the loyalty of employees by means of furniture?
And also, how to achieve that:
- furniture "would help" the employees to work better
- employees would like their office and workplace
- employees would be able to communicate with each other, and at the same no to disturb each other
- storage in each workplace would be optimally organized
- documents and things wouldnt clutter up the space necessary for work
- employees wouldnt spend their time on excessive movements across the office
- no queues would be when moving through the doors and turnstiles
- no cable twisting would be in workplaces
- projector and laptop computer could be connected in the meeting room at any time 
- you wouldnt need to get under the table or to call for an engineer to connect your laptop computer or charge your mobile phone in the workplace.
This is only the small portion of  issues considered during the development of office ergonomics project.  It is the ergonomics project that places the office equipment expenses among the profitable investments.

When should the ergonomics project be developed?
The best time is immediately after taking the decision to move to the new office or to re-equip the existing one.  Its advisable to develop the ergonomics project even if there is an interior design-project available or the office has been completely renovated, and irrespective of the size of the office. 
The project works are composed of:
1. Pre-design examination.

This is an obligatory step in office design process using Orgspace technology. As a result of this step, the required office structure and the description of all processes are created, the limitations and project concept evaluation criteria are agreed.   
The pre-design examination includes:
approval of effectiveness profile and project-related requirements;
interview with department managers using the special methods;
if necessary, the conduction of pre-lease analysis  or evaluation of  reserves for office effectiveness improvement;
examination of the current office and analysis of new office premises.

2. Development of  planning concept.

This step includes the layout for the location of office zones,  description of their parameters and interaction, description of types, number, and patterns of workplaces and their interaction. 

3. Development of contractor design

The contractor design includes the detailed elaboration of  the composition of  work zones and workplaces, description of processes on the level of each work zone and workplace.
Preparation of specification for furniture and accessories.  Project connection to power and information networks. If necessary, development of recommendations on the location of connection points.

4. If necessary, the development of customized furniture

What if there is a column or a niche in the office? Or if the rooms length lacks 5 cm for  allocating the required number of workplaces?  Or if the furniture with special functions is necessary for the optimum organization of workspace?  In these cases the customized furniture will allow to get the most effective usage of  space and to organize the effective working process.

5. Project defence 

The project realizes the certain model of the customer office working process. Therefore, during the  defence of a project its important to discuss not the location and the type of furniture, but how  the working processes will be performed in the office.  This is the approach used for the defence of Orgspace projects.

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